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Richard Perrone founded Perrone Construction in 1980 after having worked as a superintendent for a luxury oceanfront builder. Today, Perrone Construction is among the most trusted custom homebuilders in Florida and is often sought after for its waterfront expertise. The company’s project “The Bonaire” in Sarasota earned it a 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Award from […]

We’ve spent a great deal of time paying close attention to the latest trends in high-end home design. With the start of this year’s Luxury and Artisan Home Tours in the Twin Cities, we thought it would be the perfect time to get out in the field and see firsthand how builders in the Minnesota […]

Gakidis + Stewart Design Group Inc. is a coast-to-coast company that focuses on providing exceptional architecture and design services. Their dynamic portfolio includes private homes, condominiums, hotels, restoration projects, schools and works in the non-profit sector. In 2013 they were honored with a Red Diamond Achiever Award for their work on the Wychmere Pool Bar […]

Ever heard a homeowner complain about a living room that’s too spacious? Neither have we. Whereas homeowners with sprawling living rooms must labor to adequately furnish them, those stuck with a smaller living room must learn to trick the space. This goes beyond smaller furniture, light colors and creative use of mirrors. Here are some surefire […]

When it comes to designing and building custom homes, few features have the potential to impress like a stairway. Part form, part function, stairways present unlimited options for your consumers — many of which they probably haven’t even considered. Bottom line: When a client comes to you seeking a custom home design with no real […]

Midway through the entry period, we are very impressed by the quality of submissions we have received for the 2014 Red Diamond Achiever Award program. Each year, the program recognizes outstanding design, innovation, sustainability and quality in projects by the nation’s premier builders, remodelers and architects using Integrity products. One aspect that keeps this program […]

If you aren’t building with universal design in mind, you may be making a major mistake. According to U.S. Census data, the number of Americans 65 and older is expected to rise 35 percent from 2010 to 2020. And make no mistake, this demographic has less interest in a nursing home or senior living community compared […]

Sometimes, it seems to require more time to explain the nuances of blueprints to clients than it does to actually build the house. Prospective homeowners see the blue lines, right angles, curves and small handwriting in all capital letters, but they lack the ability to visualize the flat sheet of paper as a finished house. It’s […]

The first official day of spring (March 20) is oh-so-close. Visit a hardware store right now and chances are you’ll spot dozens of customers pacing the landscaping and gardening area, chomping at the bit to begin their next big outdoor project. Outdoor living spaces can add a certain je ne sais quoi to any home, even […]

Neil Kelly Company, one of the most respected remodeling businesses in the Pacific Northwest, recently tasked 25 of its top interior designers to nail down the top trends for 2014. Consistently on the leading edge of green building and innovative design, Neil Kelly’s top trends point to a modern sensibility met by old-fashioned practicality. It […]

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