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In “Back To The Future Part 2,” viewers were treated to Hollywood’s version of the home of the future. The home of the Future McFlys featured a spacious wall of big-screen TVs, an oven that baked a pizza in seconds and fresh produce grown in the kitchen from a chandelier-like appliance. Some of those innovations […]

As its VP of Engineering Matt Rogers likes to say, Nest Labs has set out to improve all of the “unloved white plastic crap” in the home. A few years ago, the company started with the thermostat. Since then, Nest’s Living Thermostat has become one of the must-have gadgets for homeowners with its sleek design, […]

On the way to earning LEED Gold certification for her home in Amherst, Mass., architect Maria Chao of CHAO designs desired ample light-filled spaces that wouldn’t compromise energy efficiency. The unique passive solar design of her home also required windows available in a variety of configurations and sizes. That’s why Chao selected Integrity Wood-Ultrex Awning and Casement […]

Mobile devices have become nearly ubiquitous in today’s world, leaving the modern home overrun with gaggles of power cords and peppered with electrical outlets. For all of the advancements made with wireless technologies over the past decade, charging one’s smartphone, tablet or laptop remains a rather archaic affair. Take a quick glimpse into the future […]

Purchasing tools is not for the faint of heart — or light of wallet. While tools technically fall into the “overhead” category, simply put, you cannot build a without them. They make our lives easier and our work better. So it’s understandable why anyone would try to find a good deal. Tools are commonly lost, […]

If you are a Millennial, there is a good chance you are reading this blog post on your smartphone, validating the point I am about to make: When it comes to building for younger home buyers, “smart home” technology has become an absolute expectation. Considering the 2013 Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey of […]

Homeowners seeking high-performing windows and doors should keep one word in mind — material. As in, which material is used to make a window or door? For Integrity, it’s Ultrex, a pultruded fiberglass that’s tough, durable and built to last. Not to mention it looks fantastic. So, just how tough is Ultrex? It’s eight times stronger […]

How long will it be before robotic tools make their way to your job site? It may not be as far off as you think thanks to a wildly successful Kickstart crowd-funding campaign. Meet Handibot, a smart digital power tool designed to run from apps on smartphones, tablets or PCs. According to developers at ShopBot Tools: […]

A great home offers natural comfort all year long, no matter the climate. Whether it’s blistering heat in the summer or frigid cold in the winter, windows play a pivotal role in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. Integrity’s dual-pane windows, made from Ultrex with LoE II coating, absorb heat in the winter and reflect it […]

When comparing windows, it’s easy to get hung up on the sticker price. But when you purchase a product from Integrity, you’re getting more for your money than just a simple window. There are multiple factors that provide value, giving Integrity windows a huge advantage that’s impossible to ignore. For instance, the warranty — a […]

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