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If we’re being picky, there are plenty of downsides to outdoor gathering spaces. Mosquitoes, fallen tree debris, precipitation, scorching sunlight — decks and porches are great, but they’re not impervious to nature’s woes. There’s a very strong case to be made for the screened porch, especially because many modern designs implement large screen panels in […]

How exactly should a building professional feel about all of the popular home remodeling programming on television right now? On the one hand, these shows help homeowners understand the transformational ability of a single remodeling project. On the other, they may be dramatically misinforming homeowners on project budgets and timelines. Recently, Tim Regan of Remodeling […]

The amenities that attract a prospective home buyer to a neighbor varies by age group, right? Wrong. According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting survey of more than 20,000 home shoppers, nearby groceries and restaurants were the No. 1 and No. 2 attractions across three age groups: Baby Boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers. One […]

In case you missed the must-read feature in the Wall Street Journal, a number of urban dwellers are rather creatively putting the “house” in warehouse amid limited inventory in major U.S. cities. WSJ’s Candace Jackson writes, “Across the country, adventuresome and sometimes deep-pocketed home buyers are converting urban diamonds in the rough into one-of-a-kind residences […]

It wasn’t so long ago “spending time in the yard” was interpreted as mowing the lawn, pruning shrubs and maybe even tending the garden. These days, more homeowners are looking to their outdoor spaces not as a reason for weekend labor, but everyday leisure. The Spring Houzz Landscaping Survey of more than 4,5000 Houzz users […]

For the homeowner who takes pride in his/her culinary skills, a fully-outfitted kitchen with the latest high-performance appliances is a must. But don’t overlook the simpler features, such as the pantry. Every trained chef knows a great meal starts with a meticulously organized kitchen. As you’ll see in the photos below, many new pantry designs […]

Early last month, Professional Builder distributed a survey to a random sample of print and digital subscribers with no incentive offered. A total of 223 readers responded, and by chance, represented a broad swath of the industry many roles. The respondents included diversified builders/remodelers (35%), custom home builders (27.3%), architects/designers (13.2%), production builders (6.4%), manufactured, […]

Right or wrong, the millennial generation — those born between 1980 and 2000 — have earned a reputation for being fickle. But according to a 2013 National Association of Realtors study, many millennials are looking for the same thing when home shopping. Take notice, because millennials now represent the second-biggest segment of the buyer market, […]

Conversations about the connected home have not only shifted from “if” to “when,” but actually “now.” Smart home tech is here — now — and is by far one of the hottest ventures in Silicon Valley. But this notion of a home and its various appliances and gadgets connected via Internet isn’t just the magical […]

The 2014 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas, and once again, smart home technology is hogging up the spotlight. In what might be the best smart home tech solution we’ve seen thus far, consumer tech giant Samsung has stepped into the arena and this year will unveil “Samsung Smart Home” – […]

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