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What makes a best-selling floor plan more popular than the rest? Hanley Wood, parent company to several floor plan companies, observed its best-sellers in 2013 and found several clear-cut trends that indicate unexpected changes in the marketplace. For instance, did you think the formal dining room was dying? Not so fast. A recent round-up on […]

If you keep a close eye on housing news, it seems each week there is a new story claiming the average single-family home is growing or shrinking. But as a data point, total square footage really doesn’t tell us much about how space is being utilized within a floor plan. Recently, the National Association of […]

To figure out what your customers really want, it’s often best to start with luxury buyers. Even if you build more modest homes, luxury buyers often set the agenda when it comes to consumer trends and expectations. You might also think high-end amenities are out of reach for the majority of your clientele, but it […]

We at the Builder Blog have long touted the benefits of Ultrex pultruded fiberglass windows and doors from Integrity. When it comes to longevity and performance, quite simply, fiberglass leaves vinyl and wood windows and doors in the dust. According to Remodeling Magazine, it now appears more consumers are taking notice: “Once regarded as a […]

Picture the recent housing bubble and one of the first images that may come to mind is that of a mostly vacant subdivision pocked with for-sale signs and foreclosure notices. The recession was rough on the suburbs (to say the least). Even though the economy may be in recovery mode, suburban living has fallen out […]

These days, we know the home buyers demand functional space that can serve more than one person. Not only has this fact profoundly impacted the way homes are designed and built, it also has spelled the end for the formal dining room, for example. What’s the point of wasting space on a single-purpose room that’s […]

How should builders plan to win the affections of millennials when the 18-to-34 years olds decide to buy their first home? Built-in technology upgrades are a good start. We have written about thermostats and door locks that can be operated with a smartphone and kitchen appliances that communicate with one another through WiFi and Bluetooth to […]

In the wake of last week’s violent tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, many homeowners have been forced to consider where they would go in their home with a severe storm bearing down. From basements to bathtubs, every homeowner’s emergency plan is somehow unique. But what if there was a more practical solution, an actual safe room […]

With all the chatter about new construction and eager buyers battling for a limited housing supply, it’s easy to overlook the uptick in remodeling activity. Believe it or not, not everyone is looking to move. When it comes to making upgrades, nothing can refresh a home like a new kitchen or bath. (Or both!) Over […]

Ask anyone outside of the building industry the last time they stepped foot in a brand new home and they may need to pause and think. Surely for some, it’s been quite a while. The housing bubble burst nearly six years ago, and only recently has new construction picked up. It’s worth noting the design […]

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