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Interior remodeling projects may be more sexy, but a new survey from Professional Remodeler indicates more home owners are addressing exterior projects to improve curb appeal and energy efficiency.

Reasons may vary, but one Midwestern remodeler told the magazine, “People are looking for a high-value, low-maintenance exterior product at the lowest price, but a product that also gives the exterior of their home a fresh, long-lasting look.”

The survey of remodelers generated some interesting results:

  • 92 percent of remodelers generated at least some business over the past year from replacing siding or remodeling the exterior of a home
  • 18 percent said that exterior projects made up more than half of their work in the past year
  • 29 percent of remodelers reporting doing more exterior work in the past year — the fourth consecutive year respondents have claimed an increasing amount of exterior work than decreasing exterior work (12 percent)
  • 60 percent of remodelers reported an average project size of less than $15,000; 11 percent said their average project size was less than $5,000; 15 percent had an average price of more than $25,000

If you have potential clients inquiring about an exterior upgrade, the conversation should start with one simple question: Are you remodeling in anticipation of selling or is your home simply in need of a refresh? If it’s the latter, stress the importance of finding long-term value. While energy-efficient products may carry a heft price tag upfront, over time, their premium price can be offset by energy savings.

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