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Industry news round-up for July 22, 2010

July 22nd, 2010 by Laura Scherer

EPA’s Paint Law Frustrates Hardworking Contactors
Home Construction Improvement
“Here on our Home Improvement site we’ve been covering the EPA’s new Lead Paint Law closely since early spring when it went into effect. We’ve written lots of articles on the new law, training, fines and cost implications. So far we’ve met very few people that seem excited about the new law and lots of upset contractors and home owners. So I thought it was only fitting to share with you a recent email that was sent to me. The email comes from a contractor that recently started learning more about the new lead paint law.”

A Design Makeover for Affordable Housing
NY Times – Real Estate
“A design revolution has taken place in affordable housing since the 1980s, when the federal government essentially stopped building income-restricted apartments. The featureless red-brick monoliths are gone — replaced by stylish buildings that resemble market-rate condominiums, with expensive finishes, attractive lobbies and landscaped grounds.”

Are Forestry Groups Talking to the Wrong People About the Green Wood Certification Fight?
ProSales Online
“The forestry community is scoring headlines from its campaign enlisting governors, members of Congress, and ordinary citizens to persuade the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to open up its LEED wood-certification standards. But that effort raises a so-far unanswered question: Why spend so much money and effort persuading people who don’t have a say on the issue and focus instead on the people who do-USGBC members?”

Affordability Remains Housing’s Biggest Challenge
Builder Online
“The rate of job growth will determine the pace of recovery for a housing market whose prosperity could also depend on how it provides more affordable and sustainable options to the diverse buyer segments likely to drive the industry in the next decade.

That is the familiar refrain that the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University reiterated on Monday morning at the Ford Foundation in New York City, where it presented “The State of the Nation’s Housing 2010,” its annual analysis of where America’s built environment was, is, and might be headed.”

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