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Positioning your business for 2013 Housing Zone “We interviewed a number of top remodelers about how they are positioning their business in 2013, and the top challenges and opportunities they expect to face. We asked them to reveal their keys to a successful 2013.” Australian Banks Try to Stimulate Home Building New York Times Here’s […]

With more than 900 million users worldwide, it’s no wonder builders have tapped Facebook for lead generation. The social network offers highly effective targeted ads to reach potential buyers and free brand pages to showcase work and services, which is why many builders have abandoned websites altogether. How much do builders trust Facebook? Check out […]

Operations expert Scott Sedam has some can’t-miss advice for achieving quality by prevention over at In the final installment of a three-part series dedicated to quality management, Sedam serves up eight essentials no builder can ignore in the ultra-competitive marketplace. Some of Sedam’s advice might seem like common sense, but it begs an important […]

Is credit king for you?

April 2nd, 2012

We know you love your work, but it’s a job, and we all want to be paid for our labors. According to a Business Insider survey, two-thirds of contractors want to be paid with a credit card, as opposed to cash or check. Consumers tend to prefer it, too, because it offers some extra protection. […]

With new home construction in flux, now is a great time for builders to focus on doing business smarter. Whether shoring up irresponsible spending, mismanaging project timelines or, as we’ll focus on today, creating inaccurate estimates, there’s much a builder can do to protect the bottom line even while the market is slow. According to […]

Writing for, blogger and licensed contractor Kia Ricchi shares her thoughts on the importance of creating a sufficiently detailed scope of work for any construction or remodeling project. A well-written scope of work ensures the service provider and the client — and even any specified subcontractors — are all on the same page, she […]

Times are hard and, in order to stand out in this economy, builders and remodelers have to innovate. But how? There’s a lot to learn from non-building businesses! The Daily 5 Remodel posted a great video from Fast Company that shares some techniques and strategies of companies that have managed to survive and thrive. Take […]

We caught up with remodeler David West of Meadowview Construction in Massachusetts for a chat about how he markets his business, what social media tools have done for him, and the changes he’s seen in the industry over the past few years. For more about David, find him on Twitter @remodeling_dude or on his blog. […]

Window Safety Week

April 4th, 2011

Happy Window Safety Week! Did you know that this exists? It’s “celebrated” yearly during the first full week of April and is sponsored by the Window Safety Task Force. There are two main parts to window safety: falls and escapes. Improperly secured windows and children can be a dangerous combination. Additionally, windows can also be […]

Web World

November 8th, 2010

It’s an online world. More and more, people are using the Internet for information from the most basic (where is this business?) to more complex (what business has this company been involved in in the past?). If you don’t have a website — no, make that a good website — you stand the very good […]

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