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This commercial space located in Fort Collins, CO, had high goals for retrofitting and greening an existing building to reflect the values of a successful sustainability consulting firm while also adhering to a tight budget. Integrity windows provided the right glazing solution to achieve those goals and contributed significantly to the building earning LEED Gold […]

How It’s Made: Low-E Glass ECOHOME “Low-E glazing falls into two broad categories: soft coat and hard coat. Both applications involve depositing a thin, transparent coating of silver or tin oxide on the glass surface to allow short-wavelength sunlight to pass through while blocking long-wavelength heat radiation. The difference between the two coatings lies in […]

An experimental town

January 16th, 2012

Here’s an interesting story: a company is hoping to be build a new town in New Mexico. Only thing is, you can’t live there. It’s a ghost town. The town (currently called the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation) will have all the amenities that a real city would have, including houses and businesses. Everything would be fully […]

The Price of Electricity Marketplace This interactive map shows average prices for residential and commercial electricity state by state. You can also compare 2011 prices to 2010 data. As pointed about by Daily 5 Remodel, Hawaii, Connecticut and New York are consistently expensive and North Dakota and Idaho are consistently the least expensive. Check out […]

An underground roof? Green Building Advisor “It happens: snow loads trash them, historic commissions don’t allow them, or architects and clients simply don’t like the way they mess up clean roof lines. What do you do when you can’t use gutters to manage all that water coming off of roof eaves or valleys?” 7 radical […]

Green Building Goes on a Budget Wall Street Journal “Casa Feliz is one of a growing number of affordable-housing projects nationwide that have been built “green”—that is, with nontoxic materials, highly energy-efficient appliances, and features such as green roofs and solar panels. Thanks to tax credits designed to attract private capital and aggressive cost-cutting on […]

But is it green?

September 7th, 2010

We want to know: How important is green to your customers, really? Most everyone would agree that green can be an attractive selling point — for some people. But how do homeowners feel about green? There can be a difference in perception between “green” and energy efficient.” Most people will eagerly replace appliances and devices […]

In 2004, Potomac Yard Development, LLC (PYD) collaborated with the City of Alexandria to execute a mixed used project, developing 167 acres on the edge of Alexandria, Virginia, into a walkable, urban community.  This now thriving neighborhood is enhanced by its unique town center, convenient office and retail space, affordable housing and 24 acres of […]

The Web is full of valuable information about green building, home improvement, the housing market and first hand homebuilding experience and more. Today, we thought we would weed through some of those resources to compile a list of some of our favorites. No list like this could be comprehensive, but you should find some of […]

Two recent articles from Twin Cities-based news site MinnPost have focused on the future of the urban landscape — on the suburban one, too. The first viewpoint comes from Richard Florida, author of the book “The Great Reset: How New Ways of Living and Working Drive Post-Crash Prosperity.” In a nutshell, he believes that when […]

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