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…then beggars would ride. The old children’s nursery rhyme seems to have some resonance in this current housing market. Two recent report from Housing Giants and Professional Remodeler offer semi-conflicting reports about where the housing market is going and Americans’ views of what home ownership means. Housing Giants reports that demand is going up for […]

Marketing Tips for Green  Homes EcoHome “Energy efficiency, water savings, and health issues are the three green hot buttons that most consumers respond to, a panel of industry experts told attendees during the Greenbuild International Conference & Expo in Chicago. But officials of Pulte Group, American Standard, and USA Today also said that buyers not […]

Saving Costs Residential Architect “Now more than ever, architects who hope to increase their market share must respect their clients’ limits. More importantly, they need a clear understanding of costs, a process flexible enough to adjust as the project evolves, and the creative know-how to do more with less.” Pending Home Sales Rose 10.4% in […]

The New Water Cooler BUILDER “Builders are slowly revising their perceptions about social media being time consuming to sustain and difficult to track. Builders that dip into these waters also realize that social media don’t sell houses, at least not in the traditional ways other advertising and marketing do. Social media’s power lies in its […]

Not a man’s world

November 1st, 2010

We often think of homebuyers as consisting of couples or families, but there’s a new brand of buyer out there and she has often has purchasing power to burn. According to MSN Real Estate, single women now account for a quarter of home sales, and that number has risen since the mid-90s. So what are […]

Here’s a question from the Wall Steet Journal: If a city is shrinking and plagued by high unemployment, should it still earn the label of ‘most affordable’? The troubled city of Detroit was anointed that dubious honor on Wednesday by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC., which released a report comparing the asking prices for four-bedroom, […]

Wooing First Time Home Buyers

September 27th, 2010

According to Professional Builder, there’s another reason that houses are becoming smaller and cheaper: first time home buyers. Professional Builder points out that 8.4 million households bought a home between 2007 and 2009. And how many of them were doing it for the first time? 41 percent. That’s a very significant minority. It stands to […]

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Home builders, who aren’t selling too many homes these days, appear to be using their downtime to sharpen quality and service.” It makes sense. Without the housing boom engine powering sales, builders all over the country have to re-tool their plans. Of course, we’re not saying that a few […]

A couple of interesting items on the Wall Street Journal’s “Developments” blog delve into recent data showing a huge drop in home sales based on last month’s data and what impact — positive or negative — the $8,000 homebuyer tax credit might have had. The first piece explores whether the tax credit might have been […]

The Mortgage Mess’s Dirty Details Smart Money “The housing crisis is far from over. U.S. house prices remain about 30% below their mid-2006 peak. More than 3% of mortgage holders are in foreclosure, and another 9% are at least 90 days late on their payments.” Connect the Lots Big Builder “As the housing market fell, […]

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