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Four “Do’s” of Selling High-Performance Homes Custom Home “If the high-performance home market is booming, why do some builders feel that buyers won’t pay for green homes? The message is off, says John Barrows.” Don’t Be An Idiot: How to Use Any Kind of Ladder Safely Popular Mechanics Because it never hurts to remind trade […]

Professional Remodeler’s Forty Under 40 Class of 2013 Professional Remodeler “Professional Remodeler is proud to present the 40 Under 40 Class of 2013, the industry’s next generation of leaders.” Accessible Design in the Kitchen Custom Home “Custom home clients may not need completely accessible kitchens, but according to leading design pros they’re thinking about the future […]

Recovery of housing industry sends cost of materials soaring Pittsburgh Gazette “Now that the housing market is seeing increased demand from newly confident buyers, prices have shot up for some key construction materials and builders are passing those costs onto consumers — both buyers of new homes and those remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.” Prevent power […]

Are more homeowners ready to sell? Listed “The latest data from found that the number of homes for sale increased 2.36% from February to March. While that doesn’t indicate a stampede of sellers, it may be a sign that at least sellers are ready to quit sitting on their hands.” Construction Groups Criticize Limits in Guest Worker Deal […]

Positioning your business for 2013 Housing Zone “We interviewed a number of top remodelers about how they are positioning their business in 2013, and the top challenges and opportunities they expect to face. We asked them to reveal their keys to a successful 2013.” Australian Banks Try to Stimulate Home Building New York Times Here’s […]

How to Keep Things Clean When Caulking Trim Fine Homebuilding “When you’re caulking trim, you’re going to have a lot of caulk left over on your fingers. You could just wipe it on your pants, or on a rag, or something else, but it’s going to get on everything. There’s a better way.” Home improvement […]

Wood, Mortar, Magic New York Times “Their particular — and, frankly, peculiar — building method is called cordwood masonry. And in a three-day workshop over Labor Day weekend, they will again demonstrate its earthy alchemy. That is, how to create a masonry wall with short lengths of exposed wood in place of the usual brick […]


June 18th, 2012

Last month, Time declared that the housing market was on its way to recovery. Here are some reasons they came to that conclusion: Multifamily housing has had a recovery. It’s a good time to be a landlord, and rental rates are high and vacancies are low. After the multifamily housing sector has recovered, prices will supposedly stabilize […]

Dear Builder’s Engineer: Advice for My Son Builder “Dear Builder’s Engineer, You write a lot about business savvy. I’m nearing retirement and want to pass along my design-build company to my son. What is the one most important piece of advice you would give in this situation? Frank R., Spartanburg, S.C.” Big Homes Are Back […]

Death to the McMansion Slate “Let’s start at home. If you’re in a deleveraging, after you triage the crash, you need to create or find a massive pool of demand and an equally large pool of credit-worthy borrowers. Where is there a great pool of demand? Right under our noses. In fact, it’s us. There […]

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