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Every year, thousands of tourists begin their coastal tours of New England in Portland, Maine, which offers one of the most peaceful and majestic stretches of coastline in the country. So, you can imagine why maintaining the ocean view was important to the owners of the Willard Beach project, a small bungalow converted into a […]

The Andrews Residence is a 1928 Clinker Brick Tudor style cottage sits just three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The owner of the home wanted to update the home while matching the charm that had existed for over 85 years. In order to match the architectural style and meet the performance requirements of a coastal […]

This commercial space located in Fort Collins, CO, had high goals for retrofitting and greening an existing building to reflect the values of a successful sustainability consulting firm while also adhering to a tight budget. Integrity windows provided the right glazing solution to achieve those goals and contributed significantly to the building earning LEED Gold […]

You Can’t, and Don’t Need to, Win Them All Builder “Just as real baseball fans don’t get too upset when their favorite team loses a game (it’s a long season!), followers of the housing industry shouldn’t dwell on month-to-month metrics.” Remaking the great room Professional Builder “Although the idea of a great room has been […]

Your customers would agree that remodeling is certainly worth the trouble in the end, but the process might drive them (or you, for that matter) batty! To help keep everyone sane, MSN Real Estate offered some valuable tips to those about to go through this process. Here are some things they want your customers to remember. Do […]

One of the more consumer-oriented blogs that we like is Apartment Therapy. They have a series called Before & After where they cover small projects like renovating a dresser, all the way up to major remodeling projects. Not too long ago, they featured this lovely kitchen: Isn’t it nice? It’s especially impressive considering what was there before (bonus picture of the […]

Architects are cooking up new business in the kitchen, according to Matthew Strozier at the Wall Street Journal. Citing a recent survey from the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Strozier writes that as kitchen areas are growing and becoming more wide open in nature, architects are seeing steady work from homeowners interested in a kitchen […]

The paradox of choice

December 5th, 2011

It’s nice to be able to choose, right? And it’s good to be able to offer your customers choices — except when it isn’t. Psychologists have long noticed that when people have too many choices, they can become figuratively paralyzed. It’s like choosing a sandwich: Sometimes you just want a selection of well thought-out choices laid out […]

Nice roof, Abbey!

September 12th, 2011

At its best, building and architecture not only provides beauty but also innovative solutions to problems. Here’s a great example of that. Inhabitat recently blogged about the Swiss St. Maurice Abbey. It’s ancient — more than 1,500 years old — and during the thousand-plus years of its existence, it sometimes needs a little TLC. Recently, the […]

Here is an important piece of news for builders, if you haven’t already heard: Builders all over the country are being fined for not properly following the Residential Lead-Based Paint Regulations. Housing Zone has an in-depth article that lists out examples of builders fined for not following these practices. Did you know that the highest […]

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