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The Spite House

November 5th, 2013

As a builder, you’re probably used to the main reasons people want to build or remodel: they need more space, they want something more energy efficient, they prefer a different neighborhood, they want a different architectural style. All pretty standard, right? But one Seattle-area house has a different reason for being: spite. Yep, it’s known […]

The Andrews Residence is a 1928 Clinker Brick Tudor style cottage sits just three blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. The owner of the home wanted to update the home while matching the charm that had existed for over 85 years. In order to match the architectural style and meet the performance requirements of a coastal […]

Last week we showed you the beautiful Arnold project by Deltec Homes. Today we have a Q&A with Joe Schlenk of Deltec. Take it away, Joe! 1. Tell us why you decided to use Integrity in your project. What drove your decision? Integrity was the logical choice; quality, service and performance were key factors. This […]

Sometimes you see a space and just know you can remodel it into the home of your clients’ dreams. But usually that space is something like a rundown house, or maybe an old factory conversion. The place with big renovation potential is probably not a public bathroom or a swimming pool. But people have amazingly […]

Who are you building for?

May 20th, 2013

You’re a builder. So what do you do? You build! And that’s probably where you concentrate most of your energy and attention. After all, it’s your skill and knowledge as a builder that make you valuable to your clients, right? But wait — exactly who are your clients and what do they want? BUILDER recently talked about […]

Decide With The Diamond

May 8th, 2013

As building pros, you know almost everything there is to know about the building world and building products. But your residential customers? They might not be as up to date. And by the time they come to you, the level of knowledge and expertise they have can vary wildly. Some have researched carefully and know almost everything. Others […]

Your customers would agree that remodeling is certainly worth the trouble in the end, but the process might drive them (or you, for that matter) batty! To help keep everyone sane, MSN Real Estate offered some valuable tips to those about to go through this process. Here are some things they want your customers to remember. Do […]

One of the more consumer-oriented blogs that we like is Apartment Therapy. They have a series called Before & After where they cover small projects like renovating a dresser, all the way up to major remodeling projects. Not too long ago, they featured this lovely kitchen: Isn’t it nice? It’s especially impressive considering what was there before (bonus picture of the […]

As our population ages, the question of how to house the elderly becomes a bigger issue. It can be ideal for older people to remain in their homes, but there are risks with that. On the other hand, going into assisted living or a nursing home often isn’t people’s fist choice. How can builders help […]

$1 billion mistake

June 4th, 2012

We’ve all made mistakes at work. It’s natural; we’re human and usually mistakes can be fixed. When you have the privilege of being a builder or remodeler, mistakes take on a whole new dimension since you are dealing with the safety and health of homes and buildings. And one builder (actually, more likely a group) […]

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