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Spray foam insulation has a lot of benefits. It protects buildings from moisture intrusion, provides up to three times more insulation than that of traditional fiberglass, and saves a great deal in energy costs. Although beneficial to the environment, there is also research that implies spray foam can be detrimental to one’s health if not […]

New, but Far From Perfect New York Times A building boon in Brooklyn leads to accusations of shoddy construction. Do you see the same in your area? 7 Ways Biophilic Design Can Enhance Indoor Environments Custom Home “First made popular by scholar Edward O. Wilson in the 1980’s, biophilia is the urge for humans to […]

This commercial space located in Fort Collins, CO, had high goals for retrofitting and greening an existing building to reflect the values of a successful sustainability consulting firm while also adhering to a tight budget. Integrity windows provided the right glazing solution to achieve those goals and contributed significantly to the building earning LEED Gold […]

Recovery of housing industry sends cost of materials soaring Pittsburgh Gazette “Now that the housing market is seeing increased demand from newly confident buyers, prices have shot up for some key construction materials and builders are passing those costs onto consumers — both buyers of new homes and those remodeling kitchens and bathrooms.” Prevent power […]

How It’s Made: Low-E Glass ECOHOME “Low-E glazing falls into two broad categories: soft coat and hard coat. Both applications involve depositing a thin, transparent coating of silver or tin oxide on the glass surface to allow short-wavelength sunlight to pass through while blocking long-wavelength heat radiation. The difference between the two coatings lies in […]

Positioning your business for 2013 Housing Zone “We interviewed a number of top remodelers about how they are positioning their business in 2013, and the top challenges and opportunities they expect to face. We asked them to reveal their keys to a successful 2013.” Australian Banks Try to Stimulate Home Building New York Times Here’s […]

When it comes to energy efficiency, the most expensive strategies are the often the least effective and the least expensive strategies are often the most expensive. That’s what Peter Pfeiffer of Austin, Texas-based Barley & Pfeiffer Architects recently told an audience during a lecture titled, “Smart Design for Hot/Humid Climates.” If you have 30 minutes, […]

An experimental town

January 16th, 2012

Here’s an interesting story: a company is hoping to be build a new town in New Mexico. Only thing is, you can’t live there. It’s a ghost town. The town (currently called the Center for Innovation, Testing and Evaluation) will have all the amenities that a real city would have, including houses and businesses. Everything would be fully […]

If you’re considering adding solar panels to a clients’ home, part of that consideration is surely the matter of cost: Are solar panels with the investment the homeowner would have to make? To be sure, solar panels can be a great way to reduce or perhaps even eliminate a household’s electricity costs, while also making […]

Thoughts on universal design

February 3rd, 2011

It’s a fact: nothing is certain by death and taxes, and before we die, we will (hopefully!) be old. Old age means various physical and mental changes, and with more and more Baby Boomers joining the ranks of the 65 and over crowd everyday, universal design is something builders and remodelers should be thinking about. It’s […]

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