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The future of home appliances

September 26th, 2012 by Integrity Windows

The refrigerator. The stove. The oven.

Think about all of the home appliances owners no longer desire but reasonably expect.

It wasn’t so long ago a personal computer was reserved for the rich and the idea of wireless Internet was completely inconceivable.

Large TVs used to weigh hundreds of pounds. Now, a 60-inch HDTV can hang from the wall like a framed photo.

The spirit of innovation around the home is alive and well, which is why appliance-maker Electrolux recently challenged designers around the world to dream up the appliances of tomorrow. You can see the full list of 30 semi-finalists here, but here’s some of our favorites:

Product: Memory
Designer: WenYao Cai
School: Guangdong Industry Technical College of China

“A small but important part of many people’s lives is the intimacy of having a barista who remembers who you are and more importantly how you have your coffee. Memory is a coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person. Whether you want weak, medium or strong coffee or maybe you prefer an espresso to a ristretto. Any way that you might think the perfect cup of coffee is made, Memory will remember every time.”


Product: Fridge Nose
Designer: Vilius Dringelis
School: Vilnius Academy of Arts

“Fridge Nose lets you know before food gets on the nose. Fridge Nose is a home appliance that displays information about the food that is stored in your fridge. Using sensors placed in the food the Fridge Nose warns you when food has expired or lets you know just how long you have left. Its magnetised base allows it to sit conveniently on the fridge so you can keep track of the freshness of your food without having to open the door. Don’t wonder when your food will expire, the Fridge Nose knows.”

Product: Wentylor
Designer: Michal Pospiech
School: Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

“Cool your house and calm your mind with the Wentylor. This incredible device takes the ingenuity of Leonardo Da Vinci and combines it with the fluidity of nature to create an environment that can be cooled or heated whilst taking your mind off the day to day stresses of life. The design of the Wentylor was drawn from mimicking the movement of flying birds resulting in not just a visually soothing motion but the calming, subtle sounds of fluttering wings. Invite the tranquillity of nature into your home with Wentylor.”

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