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Tips for reducing jobsite waste expenses

September 21st, 2012 by Integrity Windows

As a builder, you can learn a lot about the quality and efficiency of your operation by analyzing the contents of an on-site Dumpster. Have surrounding neighbors used the Dumpster to dispose of old furniture? Is perfectly good lumber and hardware being tossed out rather than saved for the next job?  Is the Dumpster lightly packed?

Scott Sedam of estimates builders spend $1,200 per unit in waste removal fees. Make no mistake, jobsite waste is unavoidable. But there are several simple steps that can be taken to run a more cost-efficient operation:

Create Your Site Waste Reduction Team
“Create a team with strong, senior leadership, empower them to challenge the status quo, and make them responsible for results. Reinforce them continually.”

Analyze Key Waste Sources
“Once you have identified and quantified the waste, look for the sources found in plans, specifications, process, methods, and labor.”

Conduct Analysis of Operational Practices
“All processes can produce waste, including: Scheduling, product delivery and placement on the site, site management, incoming quality and quantity audit against takeoffs and purchase orders, labor methods and applications.”

Analyze Purchasing and Estimating Methods
“Overflowing Dumpsters don’t normally turn our thoughts to office-based staff as a source, but their contribution can be significant. Product takeoffs provided by suppliers and trades alone, for example, always guarantee higher cost and more waste.”

What steps do you take to reduce expenses related to jobsite waste?

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